HiBoost sells a fully line-up of cell phone signal booster antennas, cables, splitters, arresters, and more. If you're looking to increase your range, need help installing a cell phone amplifier, or just need a new part, look no further than this page. Below are the highest quality parts and accessories for mobile phone signal booster kits. 

Each antenna and accessory is backed with a 30 day money back guarantee and an amazing three year warranty. Never miss a call or text again with the unmatched quality and power of HiBoost.

If you are in need of installation assistance, we can connect you with the best team of cell phone signal booster installers in your area. Just contact us.

12 products
  • 3D-FB Cable (10 m/30 ft)
  • 5D-FB Cable (15m/50t)
  • 5D-FB Cable (3m/10ft)
  • Arrester
  • Four-way Splitter
  • Logarithmic Periodic Antenna
  • Over The Road Antenna
  • Panel Antenna (Indoor)