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Sprint grew out of one of the oldest telephone companies in the United States into a leader in wireless telecommunications. For over 100 years, Sprint has helped keep people connected. It started as the Brown Telephone Company in 1899, providing telephone services near Abilene, Kansas. Today, the company is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. As of 2017, they rank as the fourth largest mobile carrier in the U.S. and they provide service to 59.5 million subscribers. The company also owns subsidiary companies Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Assurance Wireless. Sprint is a CDMA carrier and uses CDMA, EvDO, and 4G LTE networks. They continually invest to expand and improve their network reliability and provide the best service to their users.

Nevertheless, even with such commitment to providing excellence in their network, some Sprint subscribers may find themselves unable to access all the capabilities of their plan due to poor or unreliable signal reception. This is usually due to environmental factors, such as mountains, hills, or the buildings and infrastructure in a given area. This can result in a lot of frustration and hassle for the customer.

Happily, cell phone signal boosters are now readily available. Sprint has their own line of signal boosters. However, Sprint’s boosters only work for their customers. HiBoost’s signal boosters are engineered to work with every major U.S. mobile service provider, allowing everyone better access to boosted cellular signal.

Better yet, we make a whole range of booster products so that everywhere you go, you stay connected. Home, office, vehicle, commercial and industrial applications are all covered by our signal booster solutions. Consumers can easily install our kits at in homes and vehicles; we also provide professional installation for commercial and industrial use. Get better signal today with a HiBoost signal booster and boost your bars!

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HiBoost designs and manufactures cell phone signal boosters for vehicle, residential and industrial needs. Our products work, as network extenders for mobile operators supplying amplified signals for uninterrupted reception even in common dead zone areas. 

Choose HiBoost quality for your home and business needs.

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