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The fifth largest cellular carrier in the United States, U.S. Cellular has been committed to excellence in customer experience. Founded in Chicago in 1983, they provide exceptional 4G LTE network coverage for everyone from urban city dwellers or small town residents to consumers in rural areas. U.S. Cellular is available in twenty-three states and the provider of choice for five million subscribers. In 2016, the company's revenue totalled $3.93 billion. U.S. Cellular has customer care centers in Cedar Rapids, Knoxville, Tulsa, and Waukesha. The company currently offers 4G LTE coverage on its networks, and started offering VoLTE in select markets beginning in 2017. Together with T-Mobile and Sprint, U.S. Cellular joined with Google for their Project Fi MVNO service. 

Even with a great cellular provider, sometimes signals fade or get interrupted by the environment or buildings. HiBoost sells the highest quality amplifiers to increase your coverage for US Cellular devices. Never miss a call or text again and boost your bars with a HiBoost cell phone signal booster. All HiBoost kits are compatible with US Cellular phones and devices. Better yet, with a signal amplifier from HiBoost, anyone on any plan with any cellular provider can benefit from an improved signal, because our boosters are made to work with every major carrier in the United States. 
The products below will boost your US Cellular reception so choose which suits your needs best. Our Travel models cover all kinds of vehicles, including RVs, cars, and trucks, while our Home line of products keeps your castle connected as well homes and smaller office spaces. For bigger businesses, check out our Commercial line of products. Get a booster from HiBoost today and boost your bars!
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