5 Reasons to Choose HiBoost

What makes you trust a product? Is it production quality, price, brand, or something else? What if a product manages to deliver on all these fronts?

The smartphone market has become huge but issues surrounding connectivity and phone signal are still pervasive. If your expensive flagship smartphone is facing 3G/4G speed issues, things cannot get any more irritating. These signal issues may arise when you're far away from the cell towers (when in the countryside) or in a place that's difficult for the cell phone signal to penetrate through (such as your basement). Fortunately, a cell phone repeater from HiBoost can come to your rescue. So why choose HiBoost? 

We have years of cooperation experience with cellular providers; teams of top notch engineers, developers and managers all over the world: China, the United States, India and Europe, and most importantly, a desire to help you eliminate troubles in getting strong cellular coverage. Still wondering if you need a HiBoost signal booster? Below are 5 more reasons to choose HiBoost.

1. Efficiency

HiBoost mobile amplifiers work with all networks including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and more. A device's high performance is determined by its gain (55-70dB) and power (10-20 dBm), and these aspects are not approximate figures. Each model is accurately tested at spectrum monolyzer equipment, which checks if the device’s parameters are correct and correlate with the predetermined characteristics. In accordance with power and gain values the devices are able to cover areas from 10 sq ft(e.g. the correlating power index is 10 dB and gain is 60 dBm) up to 100,000 sq ft.

Each individual model is adjusted to certain frequency bands that allow HiBoost products to adapt to any existing cellular network. Calls and mobile internet require separate bands to work, and you will have the option of a single band model that enhances only what you need or a multi-band model that can literally do it all. HiBoost has you covered no matter what your needs are.   

 2. Quality

HiBoost signal boosters are smart, meaning that they can calibrate themselves to avoid interference with base mobile stations. If you find yourself in an area that is already well-covered by your cellular provider, your HiBoost device will turn itself off to save battery life and avoid overloading the base station. How's that for smart technology?

Every HiBoost product is also subjected to a rigorous quality control process that includes soldering, debugging, cleaning, aging, additional debugging, assembly, FQC inspection, packaging, and OQC inspection. No product will ever be sent to you before passing through every step above, so you can rest assured that your signal booster will work when you need it most. 

3. Safety

Performance is great, but you also need to be safe while using it. All HiBoost devices are compliant with FCC regulations while also earning CE and RoHS certifications. No components are hazardous to people or the surrounding environment, and there is no risk the device will harm you during regular operation. 

Recent research also suggests that signal booster technology reduces the electromagnetic footprint of mobile phones by up to 60 times. When a smartphone can't find a cell tower, it emits electromagnetic waves in all directions trying to find one. This process dumps a ton of radiation into the atmosphere while burning a significant portion of your phone's battery life. A signal booster prevents your phone from needing to do this, improving its battery life while exposing you to less harmful radiation.  

4. Service

In the unlikely event that something goes awry with your HiBoost cell phone signal booster, their customer service team is available to help you 24/7. They are fluent in multiple languages, so you never need to worry about a language barrier. They also handle pre- and post-sale questions, ensuring you are helped every step of the way.

5. Delivery

We deliver our goods from our own USA warehouses. Thanks to well-organized delivery management process and cooperation with most reputable express courier companies, you’ll always get your order quickly and on time.

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