About Us

HiBoost in The USA

In operation since 2009, Huaptec Co., Ltd. is an established mobile signal booster manufacturer. With a dominant presence in Asia, Europe, and now rebranded for our new North American market as HiBoost, Huaptec is able to provide quality customer service, rapid turn around and quick delivery to customers worldwide. 

Huaptec in Europe

In 2016 Huaptec Co., Ltd. opened its European office in Germany and confidently approached the European consumer and industrial booster market. Learn more about our European company and what advantages we give to our clients with a European presence.

About HiBoost

Currently Huaptec Co., Ltd. holds leading positions in the world market of mobile signal enhancement solutions. Its monthly output is more than 8000 units. Find everything about Huaptec corporation creation, its development, manufacturing process and main products here.

Huaptec Global Team