Financial Institutions & Cell Phone Signal Boosters



Why do financial institutions need cell phone signals?

 For today’s mobile users, connectivity is key. With more and more banking being done with our cell phones, having access to secure and reliable cell phone signal is incredibly important. That means in the majority of cases, simple access to just Wi-Fi isn’t enough to support multiple users making simultaneous data transfers. HiBoost’s cell phone signal boosters come in a wide range of strengths so the smallest local branch bank or the biggest stock market can have access to clearer calls and lightning fast data transfers.

 Benefits of boosted signal

Cell phone signal amplifiers can easily solve the issues presented.  They provide strong, secure, and reliable signal to multiple simultaneous mobile and smart device operators. They also boost signal for machine to machine (M2M) actions. For example: having access to boosted cellular signal means fewer connectivity issues and glitches for ATMs. During times of emergency where landlines and WiFi might fail, it gives another route for communication.

Banking systems are always online and many bank companies have spent billions on security software so their consumers have safe, reliable, user-friendly experiences with mobile banking. For financial companies and banks as well as their customers, security is of paramount importance. Other mobile banking and other mobile financial technologies become more widely available, the demand for secure, strong signal will only increase. Our boosters are approved by the FCC and compatible with all U.S. & Canadian carriers, so all employees and customers get the benefits of boosted signal.

 Personalized Solutions from Our Integration Experts

 For commercial and industrial sized boosters, cell phone signal boosters have to be installed by professionals. Our integration experts do a site survey and come up with a design to suit their clients’ needs. Then they take care of all the installation so that all that’s left to do is enjoy the benefits of HiBoost. Our nationwide network of professionals offer turnkey solutions for full installation. They will ensure that your installation is on budget and on time. Want to boost your bars? If you need to know more, check out our page about our custom installation solutions. If you have any questions, contact us here.




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