Buyer's Guide

In order to help make your purchase as easy as possible, we have prepared a brief Buyer's Guide.

Choose a booster

In finding the right cell phone signal booster, there are three main ways that can be used. The first is using our Booster Finder, which only requires your inputting three parameters (your country, network and coverage area). The finder will then generate in just a few seconds what it calculates as the most suitable model range to suit your personal requirements.

Another way is the use of our ready-made solutions. By clicking on the corresponding picture on our home page, you can pick the area where you need more signal bars. Simple and easy.

The third way to select your booster is using the Product tab located in the upper menu. A filter found on the Product page is a very useful and convenient tool for finding your model. By dragging the cursor over each parameter either to the right or left in accordance to your specific requirements, the filter will generate the booster models that will suit your needs.  

Buy the booster

After making your selection of the most suitable booster model for your requirements, click on the red button labelled "Add to Cart". You will then receive an efficient cell phone signal solution, so embrace the moment. Verify the booster model or models selected in the cart and then you can proceed to payment. After clicking "Next", you will be redirected to the billing page. You will then be required to fill in all the information required, regarding the payment method and delivery. All the data should be reviewed and then you can click "Buy Now" to complete the transaction. You will have now purchased a mobile signal booster and will have no more problems with signals. Hooray!

Receive your booster

After we are in receipt of your payment, you will receive a confirmation email from us, . Your order will be dispatched within one business day for delivery within another 2 - 5 business days directly into your hands. Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a HiBoost signal booster.