Canadian Carriers

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Bell: Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec Bell is the former incumbent local exchange carrier for telephone and DSL services for most of Canada east of Saskatchewan and the northern territories. It is also a major competitive carrier in the western provinces as well. The Canadian Bell was originally a subsidiary of the American Bell however in 1975 they officially split and became its own corporation. Nowadays Bell still maintains a strong presence in the eastern and northern provinces they are beginning to mainly focus on major cities such Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces. 

Rogers: Founded in 1925 by Edward Rogers is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. They operate in the fields of wireless communication, cable television, telephone, and Internet with a focus on telecommunications and mass media. The company exploded in size after Roger's innovation of the vacuum tube which allowed for radios to become a household appliance. Rogers Wireless is currently the largest wireless communications provider in Canada and provides service throughout the entire country.

Telus: Telus is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and was founded in 1990 in order to privatize the crown corporation. Telus was the former incumbent local exchange carrier for the British Columbia and Alberta regions. Telus has since merged with Edmonton Telephones Corporation and BCTel creating the second largest telecommunication company in Canada. It is also investing some of the most money into infrastructure in telecommunications, by 2019 they will have invested $51 billion dollars in British Columbia alone. 

Sasktel: SaskTel is the former crown corporation of the Saskatchewan region. They are a major player in the Saskatchewan province where they have 1.4 million customers. SaskTel International, a subsidiary, also offers telecommunication, software, and project management consulting to other firms around the world.