Corporate Space and the Need For Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Why Do Corporate Spaces Need a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

In today's world connectivity is king. Now more than ever users rely on mobile devices for everyday tasks. While Wi-Fi is the most common way for users to stay connected while at the office the need for cellular signal is still high. Workers and management rely on this cellular connectivity to keep in touch with other coworkers and clients.

These aren't the only benefits to having boosted signal within the workplace. When you are using a cell phone signal booster almost all forms of radio communication are improved. This means faster machine-to-machine communication, almost every computational device in your office will have reduced latency and improved efficiency. 

Cell phone use in offices.


Choose HiBoost to Boost Your Corporate Space's Signal

HiBoost manufactures premier cell phone signal boosters designed for all cellular reception problems. Our lines of Industrial and Commercial Signal Boosters are capable of boosting the signal in buildings that are as large as 100,000 square feet.

Our revolutionarily designed signal boosters are not only the most powerful and consistent boosters on the market but they come with many features that cannot be found with some of our competitors.

We offer remote IoT monitoring where you or the installer of your signal booster will be able to adjust the power settings to ensure that you are constantly receiving the optimum amount of signal gain. This monitoring service also allows you to constantly be aware of any issues within your signal booster network meaning you or your installer is able to quickly fix any potential issues that arise. 

HiBoost's cell phone signal boosters also feature a uniquely designed protective casing that not only protects your new and valuable equipment but provides better heat dispersion than our competitors. This means you can place your signal booster in more environments and the ruggedized features of the HiBoost booster allow it to operate in them longer and more efficiently. 


HiBoost's Professional Installation Services

As the manufacturer, HiBoost does not directly offer installation services. However, we have built a network of trusted professional installers across North America that are trained with the use and installation of our products. These installers will make sure that you are getting the absolute best signal gain from your cell phone signal booster. 

All HiBoost Industrial signal boosters must be installed by a professional installer as our boosters are powerful enough to potentially disrupt major carrier's networks if not properly installed. While not required we do recommend that if you are going to use our Commercial products you also seek out professional installation to ensure you are getting the most from your HiBoost signal booster.