Event Venues & Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation

When we talk about how technology has changed everything, it’s really changed everything. We rarely experience things alone. Social media allows us to share what matters to us with everyone else we care about. If we see a concert, we stream it to our friends; weddings get their own hashtags on Instagram. Staying in touch has never been more important than it is now.


Why you need a cell phone booster

If you are an owner of an event venue, you want all those special days and events to go as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, all the materials we use to build tend to block cell phone signal, which can cause major headaches for not just your customers but event planners, booking agents, caterers, and everyone else who may be involved. This is even more true if your venue is in a more rural area. Even if you have decent signal, the added strain on the network from incoming guests all trying to call, text, or use social media and internet at once can make for a pretty poor user experience. If you have an event with vendors who are using mobile credit card payment devices like Square, that boosted cellular data makes those transactions run more smoothly too. Having boosted signal means smart devices relying on cellular don’t have to work as hard to connect, so battery life is lengthened as well. Even if you have wifi, not everyone will want or be able to connect to the network, and if the Wi-Fi service goes out, you still have a backup so operations can continue to run smoothly. 

Why HiBoost

HiBoost is in the business of helping people stay connected. From concerts to weddings to family reunions to business workshops, whatever the space, place, or service your venue is providing, we have a booster that can cover it. Installing a booster will provide staff and visitors with better cellular signal for faster messaging, cellular data, and clearer calls. Our boosters are carrier agnostic, which means they work with all carriers and all smart and mobile devices. They’re also powerful. Our boosters can easily support multiple users using smart devices simultaneously- up to 200 users per band on our biggest boosters! Whether your venue is a few thousand square feet or hundreds of thousands of square feet, HiBoost can help.


Need a booster installed in your venue?

Smaller boosters like our Home and Commercial Pro line don’t require network approval before installation and can be installed by consumers. However, our powerful Commercial and Industrial lines of boosters need approval and professional installation. We teamed up with a nationwide network of professional integration experts. They’ll conduct a free floor plan analysis and create a customized solution for you.

Need additional help choosing the right booster for you or have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us from 9-6, Monday through Friday.