How long will it take to get my order?

Normally delivery takes about 2-5 business days. As soon as we receive an order from you, it’s immediately redirected to our shipping department, where your booster is carefully packed. Order preparation takes about 1 day. After that our express courier picks up your product and delivers it directly to your door.

Do you ship to my country?

Currently, HiBoost offers shipping to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

What should I do if the warning LED on my signal booster is flashing red?

Check that the distance between the outdoor and indoor antennas is at least 16.5 ft (5 meters) apart. If they are not, move them farther away until the minimum distance is achieved. If the problem is still not resolved, please contact our customer service experts for assistance.

How will I choose the right booster for me?

To choose the right booster for your needs, first determine the area you need to cover, in square footage, and identify where your carrier's tower is. You can find your tower by reading our blog post or searching online. The outdoor antenna must be pointed in the direction of your carrier's tower. It then receives a signal from the mobile base station (cell tower) and transmits it from the outdoor antenna to the booster. The device amplifies the signal and sends the amplified signal to the indoor antenna, which rebroadcasts the amplified signal inside. The booster works in a dual mode, which means that it not only gets the signal from the mobile tower but upon receiving it sends it back from your devices, making calling out and receiving calls and texts smoother and faster. If you still need help making a decision, contact us

Why should I choose HiBoost?

HiBoost is one of the leading booster manufacturers in the world. Most of the online stores are resellers, who cannot be responsible for the quality of the product they offer. We’re direct producers and sellers with our own factories and service centers, so you can fully rely on the efficiency of our mobile boosters. Moreover, all HiBoost products are CE and RoHS certified and comply with European, Canadian, U.S., and international safety and quality legislation.

Do I need to buy antenna and cables for the repeater?

Each HiBoost booster comes in a kit with 2 antennas and cables, along with the booster and a power supply cord. We do not advise changes to the antennas or cable length in the kit, as accessories are made and tested to correspond to the booster's power. You can add antennas or splitters to extend a coverage zone of your booster (applicable only to powerful models). See the Accessory/Antenna page to choose extra items for your repeater, or contact us directly for advice.

How do I buy a product from your online store?

Making a purchase in our online shop is extremely easy. First, choose a product you’d like to buy, then click on “Add to Cart” button and make a payment. As soon as we receive your payment, we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail and ship the product to your delivery address. From the moment you make an order on the website and get in into your hands just 2-5 business days will pass!

Can I return the booster if it doesn’t fit my needs?

Sure, you can make a return within 30 days after you receive a booster kit. We can exchange the booster for another one or give your money back according to our money back policy.

Can I change the booster for another one?

Absolutely! You can change the booster within the period of 30 days after you receive a kit. However, we kindly ask you to contact us before you decide to make a replacement. Also, go to our HiBoost Policy page to know what our policy regarding booster replacement is.

How do I install a signal booster?

You can easily install a mobile signal booster on your own. Installation is performed in 4 simple steps: 1) Fix an outdoor antenna in a place with a good signal reception outside the house, usually under the eaves of the roof or on the roof itself. 2) Mount the booster and the indoor antenna in the center of the house or another area with poor signal that needs boosting. 3) Connect the antennas and the booster with cables. 4) Plug in the booster and enjoy your boosted bars! For more information, please, download a manual on any product page or contact our Technical Support.

Is a mobile signal booster compatible with my provider?

Each mobile provider transmits voice and 4G LTE signals as well as others at certain frequencies. To be sure the chosen booster will work correctly, check if the device's frequencies correspond to those ones of your provider. Use our Booster Finder to know or contact your provider directly. You’re also welcome to write or call to our customer service experts to get a professional consultation about this question.

How many phones or data sessions can be supported simultaneously?

Normally a HiBoost booster system can support up to 220 phones within one area. The better the signal, the more it can support. The quantity of phones also depends on the resource conditions of the mobile operator (how powerful the base station is and how many users are putting demands on its service).

How will I know that the amplifier performs well?

As soon as you finish the installation and plug the booster into a power supply, you will see the LEDs light up (the number and color of LEDs depending on the model) and slowly blink green. If you see this, it means the booster has been mounted correctly and it has started amplifying mobile signals over the installation area. You can also check it with your mobile phone. If the number of bars shown on the screen has increased and you can freely accept and make calls, the system is working.

After installing the booster system, I still have poor signal strength. What should I do?

Try to take the following measures: 1) Check that the equipment is on and is working properly. 2) Make sure that there are at least 2-3 signal bars in the place where the outdoor antenna is set up. If there’s no signal, change the antenna position to one that is receiving signal. 3) Check to ensure there is no self-oscillation. Heavy cell tower interference will make the booster shut down automatically. Having your antennas too close together will mimic this and cause interference as well. In most scenarios, you need at least 10 meters of distance between your outdoor to your indoor antenna.  4) Check the connections between the antennas/booster and the cable and make sure they are tight and not loose. 5) Check if the booster is powerful enough for the area you’d like to cover. Mind that thick walls and stairs can be serious obstacles for signal. If the signal is still weak, please contact our customer service experts.

 I’m getting good reception close to the indoor antenna, but I lose it when I walk away.

Normally, the booster’s coverage is based on the outdoor signal. The better signal strength you get outside, the bigger coverage range you can get inside. Try placing the outdoor antenna into a location with better signal reception or please call our customer service experts for more assistance.

Why do I all of a sudden have less coverage than before?

Possible reasons for less coverage may be due to the following: 1) The outdoor and indoor antennas are too close to each other. 2) The temperature of the equipment is too high, possibly due to sunlight or being in non-climate controlled areas. 3) The connection between the cable and equipment is loose. 4) The system has been burnt out because of a lightning or voltage surge. If our recommendations don’t work, please contact our customer service experts for more assistance.

Are mobile boosters safe for humans?

All HiBoost products have received CE and RoHS approvals which guarantee that the equipment doesn’t contain any hazardous substances. Moreover, mobile phones emit heavily when coverage is poor. After installation of the booster, the signal will grow up to the maximum and electromagnetic emissions from mobile devices will reduce by up to 60 times.