Floor Plan Analysis for Signal Booster Installation

Here at HiBoost we know that just like you, your home and your business are unique. That’s why HiBoost’s nationwide network of certified specialists work with you to create the best signal boosting solution for your distinct needs. That way, you get the most optimal results for maximizing your cell reception.

Clearer calls, rapid downloads. Let HiBoost do the work for you. Our floor plan analysis is done by our network of qualified experts. All of our installations are site specific, meaning no two solutions will be exactly the same. Our specialists start with a site survey. They will look at the physical address to determine any environmental factors that may be affecting your signal, blueprints of the space for the installation to determine if additional equipment is needed to cover the space, and the pitch of the roof to determine the best placement for the outdoor antennas. Using specially designed software, they then come up with the best solution for the site.

Fast, easy, reliable service without you lifting a finger. Whatever your enterprise needs are, let HiBoost do the work for you. Need more information? For more details about our free floor plan analysis contact us here.

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