Florida and HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation

Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation in Florida

HiBoost makes and sells cell phone signal boosters. Our boosters are available in Florida and are guaranteed to work with all American cellular service providers and all manufacturers' makes and models of mobile devices. Our cell phone signal amplifiers boost talk, text, data, and battery life for all smart mobile devices and are capable of supporting multiple users per band. We make a variety of boosters for use in homes, vehicles, commercial, and industrial use.  If you’re a resident in Florida and in need of better cellular signal, a cell phone signal amplifier from HiBoost can help you get better signal coverage.

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Our boosters for consumers from the Home, Travel, and Commercial Pro line can be installed by the end user, for commercial and industrial boosters you must have prior network approval and professional installation. We work with a national network of integration specialists. Click the links for more information about professional installation and our free floor plan analysis. If you need additional support, contact us for a free consultation about what booster works best for you.

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The State of Florida

Florida was originally inhabited by Native American tribes which included the Apalachee, Ais, Tocobaga, Tequesta, Calusa, and Timucua. Florida was first colonized by the Spanish and has the oldest European settlements in the nation.  The British also took hold here at certain points. In 1810, part of the region was included in the Louisiana Purchase, but the entire state didn't join the U.S. until 1845. It is bordered by Alabama and Georgia

Today, Florida has it all. Thriving tourism, entertainment, agriculture, and industry and beautiful scenery and coastlines have pushed Florida into being the third most populated state in America. It’s easy to see why people love living in Florida. From its thriving nightlife and bustling cities, gorgeous beaches and scenic rural areas, the Sunshine State welcomes residents and visitors alike.

Florida has a wide range of cultures and ethnic groups. Notably, they have a large population of Cubans. Florida is known for being a great place to live for retirees and many visitors flock to its many amusement parks and the Kennedy Space Center.

Business and property owners alike can benefit from a cell phone signal booster. The Sunshine State's unpredictable weather can damage cell phone towers, and inhabitants in urban and rural areas alike can suffer from environmental factors that impede radio signal from mast sites. HiBoost’s cell phone signal amplifiers are an ideal cellular solution. If you’re looking for cell phone signal boosters, contact us. Our boosters are certified to work with all cell phone service providers.

Our products are available in all these places and more:


Bonita Springs



Cape Coral

Daytona Beach



Florida Ridge

Fort Meyers

Fort Walton Beach




Lady Lake






North Porte



Palm Bay

Palm Coast

Panama City


Port Charlotte

Port Orange

Port St. Lucie



Spring Hill

St. Augustine

St. Petersburg




The Villages

Vero Beach South

Winter Haven


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