Hospital & Clinic Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation

Helping people stay connected is what HiBoost is all about. From travel to home to your office, our boosters help people stay in touch no matter what the situation. That's why our powerful state of the art signal amplifiers are built to be the very best on the market- you need them to be. When every passing second can mean the difference between life and death, there’s no room for waiting. Having access to a fast, reliable mobile signal is never more important than in the midst of a crisis or emergency.

Staying connected is paramount

That's why our commercial and industrial boosters are perfect to help hospitals and clinics stay connected. Even in a smaller medical facility, the amount of data, text, and voice being used can easily overwhelm cell service in the area. In a bigger location, you have more people using the network, and therefore more demand on local cell service. Our industrial and commercial signal repeaters are strong enough to handle anything.

Emergency personnel, doctors, nurses, and patients need to be able to use their phones and smart devices to stay in touch with coworkers, colleagues, friends and families. Unfortunately, most hospitals lose signal in parts of their building simply due to how they are constructed. All that glass, steel, brick, and concrete interrupts cell signal, and the high demand on the provider means it can be very easy to overwhelm local carriers' service. Saving people’s lives is already complicated enough; it doesn’t need any hindrance from an unreliable network.

Increased efficiency

Installing a cell phone signal booster system like one from HiBoost is an easy and cost effective way to improve cell phone signal in hospitals and clinics of any size. Staff will have access to a more stable, secure, and reliable network so downloading and uploading patient information is faster. Imagine faster check-ins, diagnoses, and test results. This helps reduce waiting times and allows more people to get seen more efficiently. Patients or family will have an easier time being able to stay in touch with loved ones and relatives. This also allows medical staff to integrate into a digital platform for operating instead of relying on older, outdated technology. Secure connections help make sure confidentiality is maintained. Coverage can be extended to make sure that everywhere from the parking garage and lot, waiting room to the operating room, and everywhere in between, indoors and out, the signal remains strong and fast for all users.


Need Expert Installation?

Compared with a DAS system, cell phone signal booster solutions are much more cost-effective and don't require the wait time for approval that DAS systems do. Our boosters are approved across the board to work with every major national U.S. and Canadian cellular provider. We work with a nationwide network of integration experts to provide professional installation for commercial and industrial enterprises.They work to create customized solutions for each site. We offer a free floor plan analysis and full turn-key installation services with our certified specialists. Learn more about professional installation options by clicking here. For immediate assistance call 972-870-5666

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