How Boosters Work

How Boosters Work

Cell phone signal boosters are a relatively simple technology that works similarly to any other amplification device. The donor antenna receives the radio waves sent by your carriers cell tower. It then takes that signal into your building or vehicle through low-loss coaxial cable. Once it is indoors it is fed to the booster which amplifies the signal and runs it through more coaxial cable to your indoor antenna where it transmits your now boosted signal throughout your home or office.

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Cell towers provide mobile signals, but may not be successful in delivering to your area.   The installed outdoor antenna is able to receive the weakened signal coming from the cell tower. The signal goes from the outdoor antenna and is amplified through the booster to the indoor antenna. The indoor antenna receives the signal and spreads the signal throughout the local area. Devices that utilize cell signals receive a strengthened connection and are able to communicate.

Our boosters are Bi-Directional, meaning the same process also works in reverse. This allows your outgoing signal to also experience the boost from the amplifiers.

How Boosters for the Home WorkHiBoost boosters have patented broadband technology to ensure that they operate on every carrier (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and all other smaller carriers) and every 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE network. This allows our boosters to amplify a signal from different carriers simultaneously. This allows for you to have up to 100 devices for our home cell phone signal boosters and over 200 users on our commercial and industrial boosters on any frequency or network being boosted. It is our goal to make sure that no one in your boosted area struggles to receive service.

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