How Boosters Work



How Does a Cell Phone Signal Booster Work?

That's a question we get pretty frequently up here at HiBoost. While we think that it's pretty simple we also might be a bit biased. Here's a pretty quick breakdown of how our cell phone signal boosters work.

The Short Story

Cell Tower Receive Cell Signal Amplify Cell Signal Emit Cell Signal Increase Cell Signal
Cell towers provide mobile signals, but may not be successful in delivering to your area.   The installed outdoor antenna is able to receive the weakened signal coming from the cell tower. The signal goes from the outdoor antenna and is amplified through the booster to the indoor antenna. The indoor antenna receives the signal and spreads the signal throughout the local area. Devices that utilize cell signals receive a strengthened connection and are able to communicate.


The Unabridged Version

For a more complex version we have an in-depth cell phone signal booster guide that you can visit to learn all about our boosters, antennas, and how radio waves work.


As you can see the process is much the same for both our in-building boosters and vehicle boosters. A signal booster system will always rely on three parts; an outdoor antenna, the booster itself, and an indoor antenna to provide the boosted signal.

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