How To Install

HiBoost boosters are an efficient solution for poor mobile signal coverage. Before you can take full advantage of the system, you should take care to install it properly. The installation procedure can be performed in 4 easy steps. You’re highly recommended to follow instructions in the manual included with your booster. If some issues are still not clear and you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.       

Home and Office Installation 

Install Outdoor Antenna

How to find the position with the strongest receiving signal.

The booster’s main function is to improve weak RF signal of an area. The receiving signal strength from the outdoor antenna directly affects the efficiency of indoor coverage. There are two methods to find the strongest receiving signal. One is to use the booster’s LCD display. The other is to use a mobile phone to test signal bars.

The booster has LCD signal display, which is very convenient for finding the strongest signal. Connect the outdoor antenna to the booster’s outdoor port by using the original coaxial cable that is to be used between outdoor antenna and the booster, power on the booster, adjust outdoor antenna’s direction near the window or on the top of the building. The outdoor antenna should point to the tower for better signal strength or quality. The booster LCD will display the booster output power.

The booster's LCD display shows the gain and the output power one by one every 3 seconds, and circulate all the time, the output power can be checked when a "dBm" value and "Pout" display on LCD with its relevant system. 

You can long press the control button "AN2” for 3s, so that the LCD will enter to the page turning query mode ,then click “AN1” or “AN3” make the LCD stay in the output power interface. The outdoor antenna receives the strongest signal when the booster’s output power reaches its full output power, please install the outdoor antenna in this position.

When ALC shows up and is flashing, it means the receiving power is stronger than suitable, it is recommended to adjust outdoor antenna to get a full output power and to ensure ALC is not flashing. Or in case you don't want to do anything, just please leave as it is since the booster will adjust itself. But when ALC flashes, and the observed gain is more than 30dB less than rated gain value, please do adjust outdoor antenna to decrease the receiving power.

1. Install Outdoor Antenna

There are 2 types of installations: wall mount or pole mount. Install outdoor panel antenna onto the wall for your reference:

Step 1: Unscrew antenna from L-mounting bracket on antenna base with wrench.

Step 2: Mount vertical plate of the L-bracket on the wall with supplied screws.

Step 3: Screw antenna back onto horizontal plate.

Notes: Wrap waterproof tape around the connectors between outdoor antenna and feeder line to avoid water or other kinds of damage.

2. Install Indoor Antenna

According to the requirement of practical application, please select Indoor panel antenna, or Omni-ceiling antenna as indoor antenna for coverage install indoor panel as reference.

Step 1: Select a place on a wall projecting the area where you want reception. Normally, to provide an overall coverage, you will need to choose a corner.

Step 2: Mount the bracket on the wall after drilling the screw to the wall.

Step 3: Put the panel antenna on the bracket.

3. Install the signal booster

Step 1: Select an indoor location near to a power outlet on a wall.

Step 2: Mount the booster with the screws included as shown in the figure.

Step 3: Connect the outdoor antenna cables to booster connector marked “outdoor”. Tighten the connection with hand or wrench.

Step 4: Connect the indoor antenna cables to booster connector marked “indoor”. Tighten the connection with hand or wrench.

Step 5: Connect the AC power cord to the signal booster, and then connect the plug to the electrical outlet to power on the booster.


Vehicle Installation

The booster for vehicles comes in a full ready-to-use kit. Before installation, make sure you have all the necessary components:

Step 1. Install the outdoor antenna

Mount the magnetic antenna outside your car. It’s recommended location is abou 8 inches from the rear of the car. If you have a larger vehicle, try installing it at the rear roof.  

Step 2. Install the indoor antenna

The proposed location is at 3/4 height of the windscreen. If your vehicle is larger, it’s recommended to install it in the place where signal is weak.

Step 3. Install the signal booster

1. The vehicle booster should be hidden in the corner of the car, near the power supply.

2. Plug in the outdoor antenna cable to the booster connector marked as “outdoor”. Tighten the connection by hand or with a wrench.

3. Plug in the indoor antenna cable to the booster connector marked as “indoor”. Tighten the connection by hand or with a wrench.

Step 4. Start up the booster

Connect the booster to a car cigar lighter.

NOTE:  Plug in the booster to a cigar lighter only AFTER you connect antennas to it properly.