HiBoost in The USA

Huaptec in The USA

Huaptec is an established mobile signal booster manufacturer in operation since 2009. With a dominant presence in Asia, Europe, and our most recent expansion into our North American headquarters, Huaptec is able to provide quality customer service, rapid turn around and quick delivery to customers worldwide. HiBoost represents our North American division and is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to provide services to our growing North American market.

What makes us unique?

At HiBoost, we dedicate complete involvement to every process of production. From our engineers who implement their advance knowledge in the latest technology to our packing and shipping specialists, we take pride in every step from start to finish. This results in the highest level of manufacturing quality control, superior products, and competitive pricing. Since we control manufacturing and shipping, there is no middle man to drive up the cost of production. This enables us to deliver unparalleled service and top quality products directly to the consumer. HiBoost is a name you can count on for excellence.


All of our mobile signal booster systems endure rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of longevity, quality, and safety. Our high industry standards have earned us the FCC seal of approval. With this approval comes the assurance that you are purchasing only the best available technology for your signal boosting needs.