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HiBoost makes and sells cell phone signal boosters. Our boosters are available in Massachusetts and are guaranteed to work with all American cellular service providers and all manufacturer’s makes and models of mobile devices. Our cell phone signal amplifiers boost talk, text, data, and battery life for all smart mobile devices and are capable of supporting multiple users per band. We make a variety of boosters for use in homes, vehicles, commercial, and industrial use.  If you live in Massachusetts and are in need of better cellular signal, a cell phone signal amplifier from HiBoost can help you get better signal coverage.

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Our boosters for consumers from the Home, Travel, and Commercial Pro line can be installed by the end user, but for commercial and industrial boosters you must have prior network approval and professional installation. We work with a national network of integration specialists. Click the links for more information about professional installation and our free floor plan analysis. If you need additional support, contact us for a free consultation about what booster works best for you.

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The State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts is part of New England. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Connecticut and Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. It has a humid continental climate with cold, wet winters and warm summers, except in a southern part of the state that is more of a humid subtropical climate. The state is vulnerable to nor'easters and other Atlantic storms such as tropical storms and cyclones. It is the 7th smallest state and the third in population density, with most people inhabiting the area surrounding Boston.

The state is host to twelve Fortune 500 companies. Higher education, healthcare, finance, and technology are some of the top employers in the state. Also important are defense and tourism. Many non-profits are based in Massachusetts; in fact, there are over 30,000 of them. Agricultural products produced in the state include the second highest production of cranberries in the United States after Wisconsin, green house produce, corn, and apples.

The Boston Metro area is served by the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA). Massachusetts is home to many famous American authors, including Sylvia Plath, E. E. Cummings, Dr. Seuss, Edgar Allen Poe, and many others. Literary enthusiasts bring in tourism to visit the former historic sites related to these authors, while music lovers can enjoy sites and sounds related to popular recording artists like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Cars, or Boston's thriving contemporary music scene. There are also plenty of historic sites and museums and art galleries to explore. Hikers and campers can head to the Berkshires, and beach lovers can visit Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, or Cape Cod. 

Residents in Massachusetts enjoy access to all national cellular carriers, but some people may not have full access to good signal. If you live or work in the state of Massachusetts and are having connectivity issues, it may not be your carrier’s fault. If you need to Boost Your Bars, check out cell phone signal amplifier kits from HiBoost. Our products are available in all these cities and more:






Fall River









New Bedford



Province Town










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