Oklahoma City and HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation

Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

At HiBoost, we're in the business of providing connectivity solutions for improving  poor cell phone signal reception in residential, commercial, industrial, and vehicular applications. Our five band boosters are carrier agnostic and work with all major U.S. cellular service providers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. Our cell phone signal boosters boost talk, text, data, and battery life for all smart and mobile devices, and are capable of handling multiple users per band. If your cell phone signal reception is holding you back, give us a call and find out how a cell phone signal amplifier from HiBoost can help you Boost Your Bars! 



Our boosters for consumers from the Home, Travel, and Commercial Pro line can be installed by the end user, but for our industrial boosters you must have prior network approval and professional installation. We've teamed up with a national network of integration specialists. Click the links for more information about professional installation and our free floor plan analysis. If you need additional information, contact us for a free consultation about what booster works best for you.

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Oklahoma's Capital, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the largest city in Oklahoma and its capital. It is the county seat of Oklahoma County, and is the twenty-seventh biggest city in population in the U.S. It has approximately 630,000 or so residents in the city and 1.3 million and more in the surrounding metropolitan area. It is the eighth-largest city by land area. When Colorado and Texas are excluded, it has the largest municipal population of any surrounding state. 

It was originally founded in 1889 in the "Unassigned Lands." which were settled in an event called "The Land Run." Overnight, 10,000 homesteaders set up residence in the area now known as Oklahoma City. It quickly surpassed the previous capital of Guthrie in population and was the major center of trade and population in Oklahoma when it became a state in 1907. Route 66 made it a popular stop off the highway for travelers. Major stockyards developed in the beginning of the twentieth century drew workers from Chicago and Omaha, and the discovery of oil fields made the city a dynamo in oil production. I-35, I-40, and I-44 all cross through the city, assisting growth, as well as the Tinker Air Force Base.

As part of Great Plains state, Oklahoma City lies in the center of the country in what used to be at one time an ancient seabed. Sedimentary rocks make up the landscape and Oklahoma City is situated in the Frontier Country area that makes up Central Oklahoma. Specifically it is in the Sandstone Hills region, and the hills in the area range from 250 to 400 feet. To the northeast and eastern areas are an ecological region that is part of the Cross Timbers area. The city is split by the North Canadian River, which was dammed in the 1940s to manage severe flooding. The city has three lakes: Lake Hefner, Lake Stanley Draper, and Lake Overholser. It is one of the largest cities that is compliant with the Clean Air Act. It is three and half hours by car from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. It has a humid subtropical climate with very variable weather seasonally and daily. Summers are hot and humid and long. Droughts, sometimes severe and long, can increase chances of brush fires in the region. In the center of what is called Tornado Alley, the city has tornadoes in every month of the year with an uptick in October. It has a severe weather season from early spring into June, and tornadoes, hail storms, and derechoes can be very severe and cause extensive property damage. It is one of the most tornado-prone cities on the planet. Occasional flash flooding caused by heavy rainfall is also a problem. The city is occasionally hit by snow and ice storms.

In part due to its location in the Great Plains, Oklahoma City has always been an important part of the cattle industry, and it has one of the biggest livestock markets on the the planet. Other important sectors include oil and natural gas extraction and refining, petroleum products and the manufacture of related products. The city has an active network of oil fields and derricks. Tinker Air Force Base is a major employer for the city as is the United States Department of Transportation's Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center. Its position on the i-35 Corridor from Mexico, Texas, and north to Wichita and Kansas City makes it a natural center for transportation. Major sectors include information technology, services, health services, and administration. Love's Travel Stops and and Country stores are headquartered there, as are Chesapeake Energy Corporation and Devon Energy Corporation. Other major companies in Oklahoma City include Dell, The Hertz Corporation, UPS, Farmers Insurance Group, Coco-Cola, Cox Communications, and The Boeing Company. 

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