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HiBoost is dedicated to providing the best in cellular signal solutions. We are constantly innovating and striving to improve the industry around us and the solutions we can provide to our customers. Whether it's creating the easiest to use signal boosters with responsive LCD Screens or providing remote monitoring for simpler installation and troubleshooting. HiBoost never stops improving our signal boosters or the connectivity of those around us.

Our network of dealers and installation partners spans North America throughout the U.S. and Canada. With representatives in every state the only thing missing from HiBoost's network is you! If you're interested in adding HiBoost products to your line of signal boosters, cell phone accessories, or other electronics fill out the form below and a HiBoost representative will be with you shortly.

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HiBoost signal booster installation

Interested in Installing HiBoost Products?

HiBoost's signal booster installation partners get to install some of the best signal boosters on the market. We offer comprehensive product training to all of our installation partners, so anyone familiar with antenna installation, audio video installation, satellite installations, or TV antenna installation can add HiBoost to their portfolio.

HiBoost signal booster kit.

Interested in Adding HiBoost to Your Product Line?

HiBoost vendors and dealers get the unique advantage that comes with partnering with the most innovative signal booster manufacturer in the world. HiBoost provides comprehensive training in our always new and exciting  product line. 



HiBoost has been manufacturing RF equipment since 2009, however, the U.S. brand was established in 2016. Through extensive partnerships with European and Asian carriers such as Vodafone, AirTel, and China Telecom we have been able to become one of the most innovative companies within the industry. 


Our U.S. office is based in Irving, Texas just outside of Dallas. From our headquarters we provide comprehensive customer and technical support as well as fulfillment. Learn why HiBoost is quickly becoming the premier name in signal boosting today.