Property Management & Cell Phone Signal Boosters


If you’re in real estate or property management, you’re already busy enough. Any delay in communication means unhappy employees and even unhappier tenants. In an emergency situation, you can’t afford to not have good lines of communication in place. With a cellular signal amplifier from HiBoost, crummy cell reception and agonizing download speeds are a thing of the past. With stable, steady access to cellular signal being of premium importance to renters and business tenants, it’s never been a better time to look into cellular signal boosters.

Why Is Cell Coverage Important?

Everyone deserves access to cellular signal that is strong, fast, and reliable. When tenants are looking at property to rent, whether it’s in a residential or business district, more and more they’ll be looking at connectivity and access to voice and data as a key resource. Access to cell signal has become a premium amenity some landlords overlook. Don’t be one of them. Keep tenants happy by providing an easy solution: a cell phone signal booster that will increase quality on calls and boost data transfer speeds.

How Cell Phone Signal Amplifiers Work

Our boosters work by pulling in available signal from nearby towers with outdoor antennas, transmitting it through cables to the booster, which then relays the amplified signal through cables to indoor antennas, which repeat the signal to mobile device users. For a large installation in a multi-residential complex, additional boosters, antennas, and cables will be needed. That’s why our commercial and industrial sized boosters are installed by a network of professionals. For more on installation click here.

What a Cell Phone Signal Booster Can Do

Cell phone signal amplifiers like ones from HiBoost are built to exceed the needs of most of our users. Our powerfully engineered boosters come in a range of sizes to cover different coverage area needs, so anywhere from small office buildings to multi-residential facilities can have access to boosted signal. They can even help increase machine-to-machine (M2M) connections so that everything from online mobile bill pay to entry gates and motion-sensor security lights runs smoothly, thereby increasing security for both tenants and employees.

Installing a cell phone signal booster in your properties makes everything go more smoothly. Your tenants have access to signal so any maintenance or office inquiries go through, every time. Your residents have a better quality of life by staying connected to work and family with clear signal, and safer by having a backup to Wi-Fi calling and landlines in case of emergencies. As more people go wireless, this safety net is extremely important to have. Increased download speed means mobile bill pay and rent collection go more smoothly. Your office and your tenants enjoy a better experience by gaining access to stronger, clearer cellular signal.

Custom Cellular Solutions for Every Site

Every site is unique, which is why we work with a nationwide network of integration specialists to come up with custom solutions for each property. Our certified experts will do an onsite field test to determine where the best signal comes in, use specialized software to develop a custom floor plan, and do a full installation. Check out more about our free floor plan analysis or contact us about our turnkey installation services.