Religious Centers & Cell Phone Signal Boosters


Religious centers and places of worship are important hubs in their communities, serving the needs of not just their members but those in need locally and oftentimes abroad as well. Many also serve as meeting places for support groups such as AA, for private religious schools, or as venues for community gatherings, fairs, festivals, and of course, marriage ceremonies.

Why You Need a Signal Booster

With all this activity centered around them, it’s important for houses of worship to maintain good lines of communication throughout their premises so that events run smoothly, staff and volunteers know where to be, and members and visitors have good experiences. Unfortunately, the building materials often used to create modern building structures block radio frequencies, which means everything from coordinating meetings, picking up children from youth groups, or contacting emergency personnel can be seriously impaired. This can be especially true as some centers grow in membership and end up with additional buildings and additions that further impede cellular signal, and the larger crowds put a bigger drain on cellular networks. In addition, it can be very important for members of congregations to be able to remain on call if they work in emergency services or similar fields.

How Our Boosters Work

Luckily, there’s an easy fix for these modern day inconveniences. HiBoost manufactures and sells cell phone signal boosters that amplify cellular signal. The concept is simple: the outdoor antenna pulls in cellular signal from local towers, and transmit it through a cable to the booster, which amplifies it and redistributes the now-amplified signal through an interior antenna or antennas. They also work reverse, picking up signals from users’ mobile devices and amplifying them before returning the signal back to the cell tower.

Booster Benefits

The net result is clearer calls, extended battery life of mobile devices, and a more stable and secure network for faster data downloads and uploads. For areas that are unsupported by internet providers, this can be a great alternative to slower dial-up or satellite internet services, or to provide an alternative form of internet access for a building where Wi-Fi may not reach all areas of the structure or if your internet service provider’s network goes down. Having both means your day to day operating goes much more smoothly.

Why HiBoost

No matter what creed or faith you follow, HiBoot knows you need to stay connected. Our quint band cell phone signal boosters are carrier agnostic, which means they are compatible with all major U.S. cellular providers. Smaller structures may only need our consumer-end products like ones from our Home or Commercial Pro line, which are easy to install by end-users and do not require professional installation or prior approval from. Larger buildings are recommended to go with a booster from our Commercial or Industrial line of boosters. We work closely with a nationwide network of professional integration experts that provide turnkey solutions for clients. A free floor plan analysis is included. If you have any questions about our boosters or professional installation, please contact us here.

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