Retail Shopping & Cell Phone Signal Boosters


We’re always on our phones. It’s important to stay connected to work, friends, and family. Shopping is often a social activity, and even when it doesn’t take place face-to-face, consumers are asking their Snapchat fam if this top is the cutest, posting a new Sephora haul on Instagram, checking product reviews before purchasing an item, scanning QR codes, downloading coupons, or checking in with the spouse for that one item that forgotten on the list. But sometimes in big box stores or retail shopping centers, it’s just impossible to get a signal out. Customers stay in stores longer and shop more when they have good signal. Having access to data for things like e-mail apps also helps with checkouts, returns of items bought online, and keeping track of digital receipts. Having access to mobile banking apps also helps customers keep track of their spending and if a card is lost or abused, it’s easy to stay notified. However, none of this is possible without access to cellular signal. Installing a cell phone signal booster is an easy, cost-effective solution to providing better cellular coverage indoors and improving shopping experiences for customers as well as better communication between employees and staff.

Better Communication Benefits Everyone

 It’s not hard to see that better cell reception makes for happier customers. It’s the height of frustration to forget a coupon and then not be able to get enough signal to get the one in your e-mail inbox. Customers need to be able to make calls and have access to data. However, in busy storefronts, shopping centers, and malls, there’s a lot of people in one area, and that means a heavier load on the local cell towers. If you happen to have security or point-of-sale systems that need wireless reception to be able to process transactions, this can really interfere with your ability to do business. Even if you have Wi-Fi, if that system goes down, you have no backup, and that’s bad for business.

 HiBoost Can Help

With a HiBoost cell phone signal booster, you don’t have to worry about dropped calls and snail-like data speeds in your store. Even in areas with poor cell coverage, our amplifiers can enhance your existing cell signal and provide more stable and reliable improved cellular coverage. Employees and staff can keep better track of things going on in the store and have reliable cell service in case of emergencies, while customers can check in with friends and social media and share their experience with your store with the rest of their social media. Faster data speeds mean they get their e-receipts quickly and don’t have to wait to leave the store to check their bank balance or check in with people for what to do next.

Our company relies on a nationwide network of professional integration experts that provide turnkey solutions for consumers. While our home line of boosters are easy to DIY install, our industrial and commercial line of boosters must be installed by qualified specialists. If you’d like to know more about professional installation, click here.