T-Mobile Signal Boosters The Best Way to Improve Your Cell Signal

T-Mobile, often referred to as the anti-network has made strides in improving their network's coverage and performance. While reports seem to be conflicting it is evident that T-Mobile is more than comprehensive in cities than ever before and their expansion beyond the suburbs and into rural America is quickly gaining steam.

But if you're reading this you're probably someone that still lacks reliable T-Mobile service. If you're dropping calls, missing texts, or avoiding parts of your house because they're one giant deadzone...

We have a solution for you.

A HiBoost T-Mobile cell phone signal booster. 

When you get a HiBoost cell phone signal booster you're getting the best. We take pride in offering the most convenient, powerful, and high quality signal solutions in the market. Whether you're one of our enterprise partners or just looking to boost the signal at your home you'll get a product that's received the same attention to detail.

  • Convenience - Every HiBoost T-Mobile signal booster is compatible with our revolutionary cloud based technical support app, Signal Supervisor. Helping you install your booster in no time and keeping it running optimally.
  • Power - Every signal booster made by HiBoost, from our industrial and commercial solutions to our home solutions are all made with the same uncompromising quality and carrier-grade telecom components giving you the strongest signal boosters on the market.
  • Quality - Our superior parts and attention to detail during the manufacturing process provides our customers with the longest lasting and most durable cellular solution.

So if you're looking to get the best T-Mobile signal booster you're in the right place. Here are the best home T-Mobile boosters we offer.

The Best T-Mobile Signal Boosters

Our Customer's Pick

HiBoost 10K Smart Link

HiBoost 10K Smart Link

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The 10K Smart Link is our most popular T-Mobile signal booster. Most customers find it is the perfect balance of power and convenience as it will easily cover the typical home that needs a boost.

While it is powerful enough to provide coverage over 10,000 square feet under optimal conditions many of our customers report getting coverage throughout 3,000 to 4,000 square feet.

  • Backed by our cloud based support app Signal Supervisor
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy chassis, carrier-grade components, and premium accessories
  • 65 decibel maximum gain, ideal for boosting signal in sub-optimal signal environments
  • For Those With Better Outdoor Signal

    HiBoost 4K Smart cell phone signal booster kit.

    HiBoost 4K Smart Link

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    For those that don't struggle to make calls outside but seem to step into a black hole of no signal once they go indoors the 4K Smart Link is for you. This unit is capable of taking the a strong signal from the outdoors and amplifying it throughout a small home or a few rooms with ease.

    While still our smallest unit it does not skimp on accessories. The outdoor or donor antenna is a premium-grade Yagi antenna providing close to double the gain of competitor's panel antennas and it also comes with the ultra-slim indoor panel antennas for a less noticeable boost throughout your home.

    • Supported by our cloud based support app Signal Supervisor
    • High quality accessories and aluminum chassis 
    • 60-decibel gain, perfect for those need to amplify signal in high-quality signal environment

    The Big Boost

    HiBoost 15K Smart Link

    HiBoost 15K Smart Link

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    The 15K Smart Link is the T-Mobile signal booster we often recommend for those that are really struggling to get reception. While it has the capability to boost a strong signal up to 15,000 square feet most customers use this for when they simply need to get some kind of signal in rural areas.

    Every piece of this kit is the highest quality that HiBoost provides. We use improved coaxial cable to further reduce signal loss and also the 15K is powerful enough that you can split the signal between two indoor antennas allowing you to fully maximize your signal solution.

    If you have extremely poor signal or need to cover a lot space without looking for a commercial-grade solution this is the booster for you.

    • Cloud based customer support using the Signal Supervisor app
    • Premium accessories for a top-tier signal solution
    • Best in class 70 decibel gain

    Common Questions About T-Mobile Signal Boosters

    If you don't want to read all of the stuff up there that's fine. This is area provides a quick rundown of all the frequently asked questions we get about T-Mobile signal boosters and cell phone boosters in general.

    Do T-Mobile signal boosters work with all phones?

    HiBoost signal boosters work for every phone that runs on a 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE network whether that's your brand new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or an old Nokia from the 90's.

    Will my T-Mobile signal booster work with other networks?

    All of our HiBoost boosters operate using wideband technology so you can boost your T-Mobile signal and the signal of any guests or clients on other networks at the same time.

    Doesn't T-Mobile offer their own solution to poor signal?

    Yes, they do.

    They actually offer two different solutions; an LTE Signal Booster somewhat like our product, and a 4G LTE CellSpot Mini Tower. They both help improve signal but they function completely differently.

    The LTE Signal Booster mentioned above works very similarly. Both are similar in that they need at least some signal to boost, and they operate using the same three components; outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, and booster. However they are fundamentally different in one way.

    They only boost T-Mobile signal.

    Some people might not find this to be a large flaw, however, if you are a business owner or someone that will have non-T-Mobile users in your poor signal area it might not be what you need.

    What about the CellSpot Mini Tower?

    The Mini Tower is exactly what it sounds like and is typically a great solution for those that need a small area of T-Mobile signal boosted. It just has one major drawback. It needs to be plugged into your home internet to work. 

    This can be great for those with really great internet speeds but it can cause some serious issues if you either already have slow or unreliable broadband internet. It will also be taking up bandwidth which means even if you are getting fast internet it will now be slower.

    Are HiBoost T-Mobile signal boosters compatible with my T-Mobile hotspot?

    Yes they are. Hotspots work by transforming radio waves operating on cellular frequencies into Wi-Fi frequency signals. That means your hotspot is only as good as your cell reception.

    If you're getting limited speed or coverage area from your T-Mobile hotspot our signal boosters will improve them significantly. For more information read our blog post about hotspot boosters.

    What if I change carriers later on?

    All HiBoost T-Mobile signal boosters also work for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and every other carrier with no adjustments or switching needed. You can swap carriers to your heart's content and keep getting boosted signal no matter what. 

    Installing a T-Mobile Signal Booster

    All consumer HiBoost cell phone signal boosters come as kitted solutions with everything needed to make them easy for our customers to install. This includes antennas, low-loss coaxial cable, connectors, the booster, and comprehensive manuals.

    The only thing you'll need to provide yourself is a drill and some elbow grease. For a brief overview of the typical residential installation watch this quick video.