Telus Mobility

TELUS Corporation is a telecommunications company in Canada that provides internet access, voice, television and other services to consumers. TELUS Mobility is the cellular provider part, and serves over 8.8 million subscribers, making it the third largest cellphone provider. It’s mainstream networks use HSPA+ and LTE. Koodo Mobile is its mobile virtual network operator and is marketed to teenagers and young adults. Telus’ products include smartphones and feature phones, and their smartphones operate with either iOS or Android.

AGT Mobility, a division of Alberta Government Telephones (Telus’ predecessor), created a 1G analogue mobile network for certain Albertan industries in 1982, thus creating the first mobile phone network in Canada. In 1986, these became available to the average consumer. Then in 1992, AGT became the first to provide North America’s first existing digital mobile network. Eventually, mergers with other companies created Telus Mobility, which expanded from covering British Columbia to working with Bell Mobility to provide CDMA coverage throughout all the provinces in Canada. Telus launched Amp’d Mobile Canada, a mobile virtual network operator in 2007, but then replaced it with Koodo Mobile the next year. AMPS network service was ended in 2008, and HSPA+ network coverage was established in 2009. CDMA devices were then termed end of life products and phased out until 2012, when Telus began supporting LTE network coverage. Partnering with Bell, Telus has LTE network coverage for most of the Canadian population but there are gaps. Bell Mobility plans to expand their coverage to serve 98% of the people in Canada. Telus launched VolTE in 2016, and covers most of Canada with the exception of Saskatchewan and some areas of Manitoba.

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