West Virginia and HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation


Cell Phone Signal Booster Installation in West Virginia


HiBoost makes and sells cell phone signal boosters. Our boosters are available in West Virginia and are guaranteed to work with all U.S. cellular service providers and all manufacturer’s makes and models of mobile devices. Our cell phone signal amplifiers boost talk, text, data, and battery life for all smart mobile devices and are capable of supporting multiple users per band. We make a variety of boosters for use in homes, vehicles, commercial, and industrial use.  If you’re a resident in West Virginia and in need of better cellular signal, a cell phone signal amplifier from HiBoost can help you get better signal coverage.

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Our boosters for consumers from the Home, Travel, and Commercial Pro line can be installed by the end user, but for commercial and industrial boosters you must have prior network approval and professional installation. We work with a national network of integration specialists. Click the links for more information about professional installation and our free floor plan analysis. If you need additional support, contact us for a free consultation about what booster works best for you.

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The State of West Virginia

West Virginia is a state in the eastern United States. It is considered part of the Appalachian region of the southern U.S.  Its capitol city is Charleston. West Virginia is neighbors with Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Maryland. West Virginia became a state due to contention after the Civil War started. Pro-Union delegates voted to break off from the slave holding state of Virginia. West Virginia became a state of the Union in 1863. Slavery was gradually abolished in the state. Its centralized location made it an important border state during the American Civil War, and also makes it included in several different regions, which include the Southeastern United States, the Upland South, and the Mid-Atlantic. 

Mounds from mound building cultures still exist in West Virginia, specifically in the towns of Moundsville, South Charleston, and Romney. Local natives were hunter gatherers and farmed with a slash-and-burn method; another group used companion crop growing methods, and ended up growing tobacco for use in religious and social rituals. Maize and turkeys were also domesticated and raised. The Iroquois dominated the area by the middle of the 18th century. West Virginia was the only state to secede from another state in the Civil War. 

West Virginia's economy is driven by chemical production, biotech, and energy. It also has automotive and aerospace industries, mining and extraction of metals and steel refineries, forestry and tourism. Bayer and DuPont have centers there. The chemicals industry accounts for forty percent of revenue from manufacturing in the state. Coal is an important resource to the region, and the state is the second biggest producer of coal after Wyoming. The rocky terrain inhibits agricultural pursuits. The economy of the state is also very dependent on tourism. The industry employs over 40,000 people and brings in over $4 billion dollars in revenue. Outdoor recreation is a key component of this, with West Virginia's mountains and valleys drawing skiiers, hikers, and campers throughout the seasons. Whitewater rafting is also popular in the Fayetteville area, along with rock climbing. The site of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory is there as well. 

Residents of West Virginia enjoy access to all national cellular carriers, but due to environmental conditions or other factors some people may not have full access to decent cellular coverage. If you live or work in West Virginia and are having connectivity issues, it may not be your carrier’s fault. If you need to Boost Your Bars, check out cell phone signal amplifier kits from HiBoost.

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