3m/10ft Coaxial Cable

5D-FB Cable (3m/10ft)

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Did you know coaxial cables were invented by English scientist Oliver Heaviside in 1880? The original technology may be almost 140 years old but our cables are brand spanking new. Made only with the highest quality materials, HiBoost has your hookup needs covered. Strong, durable construction for long lasting use. Used for radio frequency (RF) signal transmission, this insulated coaxial cable works perfectly with all of our boosters. Perfect for getting a bit more isolation for your booster. 


Key Features

  • 3-m/10-ft length
  • Low loss
  • Low VSWR
  • Low transmission delay
  • Minimum attenuation



5D-FB is a 3-m/10-ft cable, suitable for powerful HiBoost booster models. The accessory is used to transmit radio frequency (RF) signal and its working frequency range is 0-3 GHz.



  • Structural Parameters

    Project Material Diameter (mm)
    Inner conductor Solid Copper or Copper Clad Aluminum 1.80
    Dielectric Physical Foam Polyethylene 5.00

    First shield

    Bonded Aluminum/Polyester/Aluminum tape

    Outer conductor Tinned Copper Braid 5.70
    Jacket Black PVC or Polyethylene 7.50


    Electrical & Mechanical Parameters

    Electrical Parameters Mechanical Parameters
    Capacitance(Pf/M) 82
    Impedance (ohm) 50
    Velocity(%) 82
    Inner Conductor DC Resistance (Ω/KM)  6.8/10.5
    Outer Conductor DC Resistance (Ω/KM) 14.1
    Shielded attenuation(dB) >80


    Mechanical & Environment Parameters

    Storage temperature (℃) -25 to +70
    Installation temperature (℃) -25 to +70
    Working temperature (℃) - 25 to +70
    Minimum bend radius(mm) 27
    5-3000MHz ≤1.20
    Attenuation (20℃)  
    Frequency(MHz) Attenuation(dB/100m)
    150 7.80
    280 10.80
    350 12.10
    400 13.00
    900 20.20
    1200 23.70
    1500 26.80
    1800 29.70
    2200 33.30
    2500 35.80



    HiBoost designs and manufactures cell phone signal boosters for vehicle, residential and industrial needs. Our products work, as network extenders for mobile operators supplying amplified signals for uninterrupted reception even in common dead zone areas. 

    Choose HiBoost quality for your home and business needs.

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