Got weather? HiBoost has you covered- literally. Keep your booster protected year round from inclement weather. Just like surge protectors you might use indoors to protect smaller gadgets, our arrester prevents damage to your cables during inclement weather by rerouting strong currents through spark gaps to ground any high voltage current without damaging your device. 

Our spark gaps are made with a replaceable gas element. If a lightning strike hits or there is a surge in voltage, the gas will release and stop the connection to protect your booster device. Correctly installed arresters will prolong the life of your device and prevent it from being damaged.   


Key Features

  • Wide band (0-2500 MHz) 
  • Frequency range up to 2.5 GHz
  • Easy to install
  • Weather resistant
  • Small dimensions


The accessory provides reliable protection for the outdoor antenna and the entire booster system against lightning and thunder storms. Before use make sure you ground the lightning protector well.  
You can use this arrester with all HiBoost signal repeaters.


  •  Frequency Range (MHz)  0-2500
     Input Impedance  50 Ω
     VSWR   1.2
     Polarization   Vertical
     Weight  0,13 kg
     Connector Type  N-K
     Dimension  1*1*2.8 inch/ 25*25*70 mm