Travel 3G-X Kit
HiBoost C27G-CP

Travel 3G-X Kit

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Never be without high speed voice and data coverage when on the road.


HiBoost Travel 3G-X Kit (C27G-CP) is a 50dB, cell phone signal booster that provides a complete solution for all kinds of vehicles. Are you a rolling stone or a literal go-getter? HiBoost has you covered. This kit is perfect for those who are always on the go and still need to stay connected. Significantly improve 2G and 3G cell phone signal strength, both voice and data -especially in poor signal areas. With standardized industrial level design, strict testing and competitive pricing, the Travel 3G-X provides a superior communication experience with clearer calls and faster data speed than ever before, no matter where you roam.

Smart HiBoost Functions


HiBoost Travel 3G-X Kit (C27G-CP model) is equipped with smart MGC and AGC functions. AGC automatically controls system gain according to input signal in your area. It balances booster power in order not to interfere with mobile operators' networks.  

Due to MGC function it’s possible to increase or decrease booster gain manually. 

Indication LEDs

Thanks to indication LEDs on booster interface it's easy to keep an eye on your boosters current working state. An alarm LED will notify you of any system problems.

Safe and Healthy


FCC Grant Code OWW for this product series. To get detailed information, go to

FCC approved this equipment for use with all US carriers

The FCC ID for this equipment is OWWC27G-CP

Longer Phone Battery Life

Since mobile coverage gets stronger with a mobile amplifier, all mobile devices in the area will spend less energy and charge. As a result, the booster decreases mobile phone electromagnetic emissions by up to 60 times and prolongs mobile phone battery life.

  • RF Parameter
    Uplink Downlink
    Max. Gain
    Uplink Downlink
    AGC 31dB
    Mechanical Parameter
    I /O Port SMA-Female
    Dimensions 4.7" x 5.3" x 1.4"
    Booster Weight 5.5 lbs
    Electrical Parameter
    Power Supply DC12V / 3A
    Impedance 50 ohm